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After Delays, Revamped Building in Soho’s Cast Iron District Nears Completion

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Glimpses of the new building are finally coming together

After a three year roundabout of planning, approving, and spending, it finally looks like construction is nearing completion at 529 Broadway in Soho. Situated at the corner of Broadway and Spring Streets in the landmarked Cast Iron District, the site, which was once home to the historic Prescott House hotel, is now a six-story retail building with more than 34,000 square feet of space. While the future inhabitant remains unknown, rumor has had it since 2013 that Nike will occupy the space, though the company has yet to confirm or deny that fact.

Designed by BKSK Architects, 529 Broadway will feature designs reminiscent of its predecessor, by infusing terra cotta elements into its modern glass curtain walls for a contemporary look spiked with a bit of nostalgia.