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Brooklyn's 21-Acre Greenway Inches Forward With Community Input

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The official Community Vision Plan comes with new renderings

The plan to bring a 21-acre greenway connecting Brooklyn's waterfront and disparate parks to the borough's courthouse in Downtown Brooklyn is steadily moving forward. The community released their vision plan for the Brooklyn Strand, alongside several recommendations for the sprawling green space. Not least, the whole shebang comes with new renderings.

The Community Vision Plan is the culmination of two years of input from residents, community stakeholders, elected officials, and city agencies including the Brooklyn Bridge Park, Parks Department, and Department of Transportation. The plan was organized by WXY Architecture, who will plan the greenway, through site walk-throughs and public meetings.

The plan calls for further improved connections between the green space, the reopening of the Brooklyn War Memorial to the public, a new platform and enhanced pedestrian path surrounding the entrance and exit ramps to the Brooklyn Bridge, a permanent market at Anchorage Plaza near where the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and bridge overlap, improved connections for NYCHA residents to Brooklyn Bridge Park, and installing public art along the Strand.

"This was truly a herculean effort and the resulting vision reflects the thoughtfulness and deep commitment of our community to this endeavor," the president of the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership said in a statement. "The Brooklyn Strand is a vital component of the area’s growth, not only by building better connections for its residents, but through the creation of much needed public space and neighborhood amenities befitting our beloved borough."

For the complete vision plan, head this way.