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Rafael Vinoly's Greenwich Street Condo Will Hit the Market This Fall

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The 88-story building is being developed by a team that includes Michael Shvo

Though very little is still known about the planned residential tower at 125 Greenwich Street, the development team (which includes Michael Shvo, Bizzi & Partners Development, and New Valley) has unveiled a teaser website for the Financial District building, and sales are expected to launch this fall.

From what's known so far, the Rafael Viñoly-designed building will feature 273 condos spread out over 88 floors. There's been a change in the height however. When we last checked in with the project in March, the building still claimed supertall status at 990 feet. The structure's height has now been brought down to 898 feet.

The teaser website described three floors of amenities, "that will float above the city," though it's not yet clear what these amenities will be.

In addition to Shvo, Bizzi & Partners Development and New Valley are also part of the development team.