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Harlem Church Will Make Way For—What Else—Apartments

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An 11-story apartment building will replace the church

In the continuing church-to-apartments conversion saga, yet another place of worship has joined the list. This time it's in Harlem, where an 11-story apartment building will rise atop the Harlem Baptist Temple Church, Yimby reports.

At least in this case, the church won't disappear entirely. Plans call for a new 11-story structure to be built on the site at 20 West 116th Street. The new church will be located on the cellar and first floors of the building.

The apartment building will have a total of 28 apartments with the average unit measuring a relatively large 1,055 square feet.

The demolition plans are yet to be filed, and the sale of the property hasn't yet officially appeared in public records, according to Yimby. But what is known is the fact that GF55 Partners will design the building.

The Baptist Church was originally built as a synagogue in 1906 and served the then-large Jewish community in the neighborhood. In recent years the Church has fallen into disrepair including a damaged roof and front façade.

In recent months, we've learned of church-to-condo conversions in the East Village, Nolita, and Gramercy.