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Details Still Evade Bushwick Residents Affected By M Train Repairs

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Residents from 26 apartments will be displaced for a six-to-eight month period

Close to a month after it was announced that dozens of residents would be displaced by impending repair work on the M Train line, those residents still don't have answers on where they will move, DNAinfo reports.

When the announcement for the repair work was made in April, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) assured residents that a representative from the agency would discuss their future plans and compensate them for lost rent and moving costs.

However a number of residents DNAinfo interviewed had not met with a representative and had not yet been told about their future relocation plans, and whether they'd still be able to live in Bushwick.

State Senator Martin Dilan told DNAinfo that the MTA might consider putting up residents at hotels during the six-to-eight month duration of the repair work.

The MTA has hired the same company that helped relocate residents during the Second Avenue Subway construction and the Gateway Tunnel in Midtown for the relocation efforts in Bushwick. A spokesperson for the agency told DNAinfo that they had in fact spoken with several affected residents and would continue to do so in the coming weeks.

The move won't come about until the summer of 2017, and will affect a total of 26 apartments and two businesses near the Myrtle Avenue M Train stop. The repairs on the M Train are a lead up to the eventual L Train closure, as the former line will gear up to accommodate passengers diverted from the latter.