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'Flushing West' Rezoning Proposal Ditched By City

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Would have created up to 1,600 new affordable and market-rate units

Plans to create a new neighborhood in Queens have been scrapped for now after mounting concerns about its feasibility, Crain's reports. The de Blasio administration has put a plug on rezoning part of Flushing to create Flushing West, part of his overall Housing New York plan to create more affordable housing throughout the city.

Flushing West would have created about 1,600 affordable and market-rate apartments in an industrial area between Flushing Creek and the 7 Train terminal, along with new retail and open space.

Last week, local City Councilman Peter Koo raised several concerns about the potential rezoning. For one, the area is too close to LaGuardia Airport, which would affect the height of the new buildings, and in some cases, flights would have to alter their paths, which in turn would require the involvement of the federal government.

The location of the site next to Flushing Creek and Flushing West also posed a problem what with it being home to combined sewer overflow pipes (some of the city's most active), and more housing in this area would only have worsened the situation.

The city concurred with the Councilman's concerns, and has decided to revisit the site at a future date. The rezoning effort was part of de Blasio's plans to bring affordable housing to at least 15 different areas throughout the city — the first site in that initiative is now moving forward in East New York.