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What It Takes to Build a Modern-Day Skybridge in New York City: Video

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How the bridge connecting JDS's American Copper Buildings is constructed

Will Femia for Curbed

Construction is marching along on the former mud pit that's now known as the American Copper Buildings, the twin towers rising on Manhattan's east side, and a new video released by JDS Development offers a peek at the process of constructing those bendy towers. The two buildings will each hold hundreds of rentals, and are connected by what the developer says is the city's first skybridge to open in 80 years.

Much of the video focuses on the process of building that skybridge, which is indeed a feat of engineering: it'll be three stories high and hold many of the building's amenities, including a 75-foot swimming pool and a double-height fitness center. The video features interviews with several JDS employees, including superintendent Casey Gonzalez, who says the bridge was built by "[breaking] it into smaller pieces, and zoomed in on the minutiae."

There's more, but you're better served watching the video, particularly if you're the sort of person who finds bridge building fascinating (what, just us?).

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