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Prospect Park Residence Seniors Reach $3.35M Settlement

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Five elderly women will receive a chunk of cash and get to stay at the facility until the end of August

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DNAInfo reports that the owners of Prospect Park Residence, an assisted living facility in Brooklyn, have reached a settlement with five senior women who are being evicted from their home as the owner make plans to sell the building to a residential developer. All 130 tenants of the facility were given a 90-day notice to leave their homes at the facility, which is now in foreclosure. But the five women—four of whom are in their 90s, and one who is 101 years old—decided that they weren’t going anywhere.

As part of the settlement, each of the women will receive a payment of $533,333 and will be allowed to stay at Prospect Park Residence until August 31st. All tenants were supposed to be out by May 23rd. Despite the settlement with infamous landlord Haysha Deitsch, the tenants and their kin will continue their lawsuit against the Department of Health, maintaining that the facilities’ plan for closure should have never been approved with such little help being offered to the elderly residents.