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$5.5M Soho Loft With Museum-Quality Lighting Seeks Its Next Art Collector

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The two-bedroom loft is a great place for displaying art

The Soho of yore where artists claimed makeshift spaces for life and work has been scrubbed out and replaced with aspirational real estate, but traces of the neighborhood’s past rear up every once in a while. A Greene Street loft in a building that’s designated joint-living work quarters for artists just hit the market for $5.5 million. The 2,200-square-foot two-bedroom is owned by an art consultant who’s outfitted the space with every deluxe fixture imaginable—an integrated Sonos sound system, a museum-quality lighting system—and furnished it with her over-the-top collection of art. The consultant, Sara Tecchia, also recently listed her 4,800-square-foot Soho loft complete with a cat tunnel for $23.25 million.