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Write Graffiti—Legally—On a Historic Governors Island House This Summer

Writing On It All promotes legalized (site-specific) graffiti as a form of expression

Graffiti is frowned on in New York City (and, you know, illegal), but there’s one organization that’s advocating for graffiti in the coolest of places. Writing On It All is back for its fourth summer of pro-graffiti programming on Governors Island, where the group organizes several sessions throughout the summer that invite the public to write graffiti in a historic house on Governors Island (h/t The Art Newspaper, NYO).

Writing On It All has teamed up with the Trust for Governors Island and the Historic House Trust of New York to facilitate its 2016 summer session, which includes sessions led by artists like Edwin Torres and group Collective:Unconscious. Each session has a different theme, and participants are encouraged to speak to that theme in their writings.

A little bit about the program, per its website,

Writing On It All pushes back against inherited beliefs that literature and writing are,or should be, the preserve of a special few. We do this by engaging writers working in multiple genres and media to experiment with literature as an embodied and collective practice. Writing On It All supports writers in developing public arts programming, at the same time offering a platform for building a public, site-specific creative practice.

Writing on it All: A Documentary from writingonitall on Vimeo.