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NYC Gets Spiffy New Icons and Fonts Inspired By the City Itself

The city's main tourism arm, NYC & Company, launched a huge rebranding campaign

NYC & Company, the city’s main tourism arm, has launched a complete overhaul of its branding that includes a revamped website, two new typefaces, and more than 200 pictograms that depict city agencies and symbols related to the five boroughs. (h/t Untapped Cities)

The changes were "inspired by New York City’s vibrancy, energy, diversity and legacy," according to a press release. The color scheme, for example, takes inspiration from different icons of New York City, including the mustard-y yellow of taxi cabs and the Statue of Liberty’s green hue (thanks to the oxidization of copper).

Two new fonts, NYC Sans and NYC Block, are also inspired by city iconography. According to NYC & Co., NYC sans has "a hint of classic NYC subway type," in a nod to Massimo Vignelli’s contentious 1972 subway map, which was hated at the time of its release but has since come to be embraced by both transit and design nerds. NYC Block, meanwhile, is meant to evoke the company’s logo, which was designed by Wolff Olins.

The last major piece of the puzzle are the pictograms, which again took inspiration from Olins’s NYC logo. There are about 250 in all, and they’ll be used by city agencies to represent just about anything related to New York City that you can think of—Broadway tickets, cabs, weather, even bodega cats.

Pretty nifty, right? The agency’s official site devoted to the relaunch has more.