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Taylor Swift Rents $40K Village Carriage House During Tribeca Penthouse Renovation

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The pop star will stay in a $40K/month Cornelia Street carriage house while renovating her Tribeca digs

Princess of pop Taylor Swift is moving forward with a renovation at her Tribeca penthouse that the Post says will set the megastar back $535,000. Department of Buildings filings for the renovation from earlier this year don’t go into the nitty-gritty about Swift’s planned renovation, but state that the work being done on her apartment is structural and will include partial interior demolition. Presumably, T. Swift is finally combining the sixth and penthouse floors she purchased from Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson into a Tribeca megamansion in the sky.

Jackson listed the uncombined penthouse floors in 2013, with the listing making note that "[a]ll Dept. of Buildings permits, Landmark Preservation approval, Community Board approval and architectural drawings are already in place, eliminating months or even years of planning and significant expense." Still, Swift purchased the two floors in 2014 for $20 million and appears to be just getting around to the renovation.

While work is ongoing on the Franklin Street penthouse, Swift will take up residency in a swanky Cornelia Street carriage house, per TMZ. The fully-furnished carriage house was first listed as a $49,500 per month rental in February. The ask was shaved down to $39,500 per month just last week. The townhouse is cushy of course, and comes with an indoor pool, double-height living area, and five bedrooms to accommodate Swift’s merry band of gal pals. For a look into the carriage house, head right this way.

Swift has kept views into the Tribeca penthouse close to her chest (except for a select few Instagrams), and from the look of it, the place is still sporting the same abundance of brick as when she purchased the apartment from Jackson. Take a look at the apartments pre-renovation below.