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New York Wheel's Massive Foundation Is Now Being Set

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The enormous attraction is due to be completed sometime this year

The New York Wheel is still a ways off from dominating the Staten Island shoreline, but construction on the massive observation wheel hit an important milestone over the weekend. An enormous amount of concrete (4,000 cubic yards) was poured at the construction site on Saturday, marking the first step in the completion of the foundation work for the project. Another concrete pour will happen June 25, and when all is said and done, the whole foundation will weigh around 7,000 tons. Dang.

The Wheel itself has been beset with problems, including delays in getting City Council approval (which led to the inevitable construction delays), and financial troubles. Most recently, developers on the project (both former and current) have squabbled over whether or not its funds have been mismanaged.

Addressing that allegation—as well as the probability of the attraction being completed this year—New York Wheel CEO Rich Marin told DNAInfo, "I would challenge anybody who doesn't believe to come down here and look at the $250 million we have in the ground."