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Williamsburg’s Wacky William Vale Hotel Is Getting Closer to Completion

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Construction on this odd building happened rather quickly

Things continue to move right along at the oddball William Vale hotel. After topping out eight months ago, construction is nearly complete at Williamsburg’s 21-story mixed-used tower located at 55 Wythe Avenue. A new batch of photos from Field Condition shows where things are at right now, and at this rate, the hotel might do good on its plans for a grand opening on July 11th.

The Aldo Liberis-designed building is compiled of a 183-room four-star hotel on its top half, and a mix of retail and commercial space on its podium. In addition to the fancy hotel, the building will feature a 15,000-square-foot rooftop garden as well as a 60-foot swimming pool that’s also way up on top. The views of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Long Island City aren’t at all bad either.

The William Vale Hotel

111 N 12th, Brooklyn, NY 11249