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New York City Rent Comparison: What $6,000 Gets You Right Now

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See what $6,000 per month rents in NYC neighborhoods like Tribeca, Downtown Brooklyn, and Chelsea

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various NYC neighborhoods. Is one man's studio another man's townhouse? Let's find out! Today we're looking at units around NYC renting for around $6,000/month.

↑ A very nice yet standard Financial District two-bedroom on Greenwich and Rector streets is looking for $6,000/month. One of the bedrooms comes with an en suite bathroom, and the apartment also has a separate nook for a home office. Bonus: it has New York Harbor views.

↑ $6,000/month rents a bit less in the West Village, where a squeezed-for space three-bedroom on Waverly Place near Charles Street is asking just that. The apartment comes with all standard apartment appliances that look like they date from the 1980s (ie: no stainless steel here) and the doors are those flimsy, hollow ones, but hey, it’s the West Village and that counts for something, right?

↑ In Brooklyn Heights, a top-floor three-bedroom, two bathroom apartment in a small building at the corner of Atlantic Avenue wants $6,000. The apartment is all-seasons friendly and comes with a working fireplace and ceiling fans, and also has lots of molding to go around. The kitchen isn’t the best, but at least it has a dishwasher.

↑ A one-bedroom loft on West 26th Street in Chelsea comes with an updated kitchen, a few exposed beams, and a somewhat awkward, yet workable layout. Its windows mostly look out onto the brick wall of the neighboring building, but perhaps that’s what makes this $6,000/month apartment so "quintessential New York."

↑ The only apartment on this list with private outdoor space, the three-bedroom apartment at Willoughby and Lawrence streets in Downtown Brooklyn is seeking $6,000/month. It’s living room is a bit petite, but the kitchen is updated, as is the bathroom, and the terrace is pretty sizable.

↑ On Duane Street near Broadway in Tribeca, a one-bedroom whose listing pictures don’t match up with its floorplan is asking $6,020/month. The apartment comes with plenty of closet space, including two in the bedroom and two off of the entry as well as an en suite bathroom and a half bath off the living area.

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