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Minimalist $4M LES Loft Has a Clawfoot Tub In the Bedroom

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The gut renovated loft is rather conventional, but for one quirky detail

Although this Lower East Side loft has been gut renovated by its current owners, a celebrated stylist and international model, into a sleek one-bedroom, it still has one accessory that pays homage to the building’s prewar past: a clawfoot tub in the bedroom. The tub, although quirky, appears to be a design decision of the owners. Who doesn’t want to lord over the Lower East Side from their bathtub?

Other updates to the loft on Forsyth Street between Delancey and Broome streets include all new heated concrete floors, a new floor-to-ceiling glass window wall with views overlooking Sara D. Roosevelt Park, and an all-new open-plan kitchen with walnut cabinetry. Compared to this pared-down design, the co-op’s former look was quite a doozy. Its current owners picked it up for $1.5 million in 2007, and are now looking for $3.995 million.