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'Sopranos' Actress and Other Victims of East Village Explosion Sue City For $17M

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The explosion killed two people and leveled three buildings

Actress Drea de Matteo of The Sopranos fame, along with 35 of her neighbors are suing the city for the explosion that destroyed their homes in the East Village last year, the New York Post reports. The suit claims that the city did not properly test the gas lines and also blames Con Ed, and the owners of the now-destroyed Sushi Park restaurant for not heeding warning signs.

The $17 million lawsuit is one of several filed after the March 2015 explosion, which killed two people and leveled three buildings on the corner of Second Avenue and East 7th Street. Five people were indicted in connection with the explosion this past February, including the owners of the building. Subsequently, local elected officials called for stricter gas inspection laws.

One of the sites that was destroyed in the explosion, 123 Second Avenue, was listed on the market for $9.7 million a few months ago. The building that stood there was home to the popular french fry location, Pommes Frites, which in March reopened at a new location in Greenwich Village.