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Sherry-Netherland’s Priciest Apartment Gets an $8M Pricechop

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It’s been a bumpy road for this Upper East Side penthouse

This will probably come as a surprise to no one: The Sherry-Netherland's 18th floor penthouse, which hit the market last fall for a staggering $86 million, has gotten a significant price cut. The Real Deal reports that the apartment, which has seven bedrooms and three terraces, is now asking a smaller—but still ridiculous—$78 million.

This particular apartment hasn't exactly had good luck when it comes to sales: The first time it hit the market, back in 2012, it was going for $95 million. But no one bit at that price, and finally, an unnamed Chinese buyer bought it in 2015 for $67.5 million. That buyer immediately tried to flip it for the previous $86 million price, and now, here we are, on the bottom of a real-estate see-saw once again.

When the $86 million listing first appeared, we had this to say: "And now, we wait to see if anyone will buy it at this newly-inflated price." We’re still waiting, even if the price is now a bit lower.


781 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10019