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Historic Townhouse on One of Chelsea’s Prettiest Streets Wants $15,000/Month

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The Greek Revival home was built before the Civil War

The lovely Greek Revival home at 240 West 21st Street has a storied past. It was built before the Civil War and occupied by a succession of prominent New York families, as outlined in this very thorough Daytonian in Manhattan post. It started out as a single-family mansion, was turned into a multi-family in the mid-20th century, and went back to a single-family in 2005. Now, it’s on the market as a $15,000/month rental.

The price is steep, sure, but the place itself is rather gorgeous: Behind the historic facade is an "intelligently modernized" home, according to the brokerbabble. The first floor is covered in exposed brick (which isn’t everyone’s thing, to be fair), and leads to a nice, private back patio. There’s also a charming "garden room" with built-in bookshelves, three bathrooms, and more.