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A Sculpture That Visualizes the Cost of Gold Debuts In Hunters Point South

Mika Tajima’s “Meridian (Gold)” invites the public to splash around( and learn a little)

The weekend is upon us and it looks like it’s going to be a perfect one: nothing but clear skies from sun up to sun down. So what better a time to check out the city’s best new public art? Add to that list a new sculpture on the Hunters Point South waterfront by Mika Tajima called "Meridian (Gold)." Tajima’s temporary installation visualizes the fluctuating price of gold by refracting light that coincides with its global cost off of vaporized water. Got that? No? Here’s a video.

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Cooler blues represent a a down trend in price while magenta represents an upward tick, the Wall Street Journal says. "The price of gold is not attached to supply and demand the way that most commodities are, but reflects feelings about economic and geopolitical investment opportunities," Tajima told WSJ. "It’s an indicator of how people feel, linked directly to things that are happening. It’s very volatile."

Judging by the number of Instagrams of the public artwork, which has only been on display since last week, people are feeling into "Meridian (Gold)". Visitors are invited to stand inside the sculpture and sit on it while, somewhat ironically, overlooking the skyline of one of the world’s financial centers. Take a gander below, or go see it for yourself. It’s on view through September 25.

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#MikaTajima's "Meridian (Gold)" is an illuminated plume of water vapor whose color shifts between magenta and pale cyan. The color of the vapor corresponds in real-time to the global sentiment for gold, reflected in the price fluctuation of the commodity. Gold is a peculiar material that derives its value from the social perception of its qualities and collective "moods" toward geopolitical and economic events. The framing structure for Meridian (Gold) is a seating zone that references communal rejuvenation spas and here becomes a site to reflect on the fleeting materiality of contemporary life. See it through September 25th at Hunter's Point Park in Long Island City, courtesy of @sculpturecenter #PULSEPicks #SculptureCenter #MeridianGold

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