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Instagram Roundup: NYC Rooftop Views

Let’s face it, we all can’t have awesome rooftop views but we can live vicariously through these Instagrammers that do

Wouldn’t it be nice if each and every one of us could have uninhibited access to a rooftop that offers amazing views of any given part of the city, whether it be lower Manhattan, Midtown, the Brooklyn Bridge, Long Island City, or whatever your heart desires? Well for some us, this is quite our reality so until then, we’ll find pleasure in looking at IG post from the lucky ones who are nice enough to share their views with us.

It's so peaceful up here #rooftopviews #nycrooftops #freedomtower

A photo posted by Andrea Nalborczyk (@andrea_nal) on

2 years in this crazy city #bushwick #rooftopviews

A photo posted by tasha jacks (@telomeretash) on

Can you find the guy taking a nap in the 90 degree heat?

A photo posted by Rebecca M. (@nordybynature) on

#Brooklyn #rooftopviews #vineyard

A photo posted by bonnachu (@bonnachu) on