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Astor Place Cube Makes Its Triumphant Return This Week

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It’s been gone since 2014, but will finally return to its rightful spot in the East Village

Good news, everyone: The Alamo, otherwise known as the Astor Place Cube, is finally moving back to its rightful place. The Department of Design and Construction’s weekly Astor Place construction bulletin gives June 22 as the date the Cube will be moved back into place, according to EV Grieve, and June 29 is listed as the rain date. The DDC had previously given June as a tentative date for the installation of the Cube. (We’ve reached out to the DDC for comment and will update with any new details.)

The Cube was moved in 2014 to facilitate the renovation of the public spaces around Astor Place, including putting in new sidewalks and landscaping. And now, NYU kids and the other misfits who used to congregate around the Cube will have somewhere to go once more. Hooray!