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City Seeks Developers For Two Hunters Point South Sites

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Located on the southern end of the Long Island City megaproject

The city is set to offer up more parcels of land for development at the Hunters Point South megaproject in Long Island City, Crain's reports. The Department of Housing Preservation and Development will likely release request for proposals this week to create 750 apartments, a school, and retail on two parcels of land on the waterfront development.

At least 60 percent of the apartments will have to be affordable and offered at a range of incomes including families who earn on the lower side of the area's median income. The proposal will also call for the creation of a community facility that can either be used by a non-profit or provide some kind of medical service.

The Hunters Point South site comprises of seven properties that were created through a Bloomberg administration-led rezoning effort in 2008. The first two parcels were developed by a team that included Related Companies. A third parcel is being developed by TF Cornerstone but ran into some problems recently with the discovery of an Amtrak tunnel. An additional two are being used as staging areas for construction, and these final two development sites ready for development are located on the southern end of the megaproject.