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Port Authority Renews Plan To Build Apartments Near Lincoln Tunnel Entrance

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The agency is proposing a nine-story building with 24 apartments

Despite not having a developer, the Port Authority has unveiled a rendering for a nine-story building it hopes to construct on West 33rd Street near the Lincoln Tunnel approach, YIMBY reports. Port Authority has been trying to get the project off the ground for years, and the agency does not want to develop the site on its own.

Regardless, SLCE was contracted to create the design, and the agency submitted plans for the building last fall, which would see the creation of 24 apartments spread out 42,649 square feet of space, and a 5,400 square foot retail component on the ground floor.

The agency is in fact looking to develop two plots of land. Both are located between West 33rd and West 34th Street along Dyer Avenue. Two years ago, development firm Dermot Company was willing to pay $115 million for the two parcels, and an additional $60 million for more air rights. The plan called for an expensive and time-consuming process of decking or cantilevering over the below-grade road in between the plots, but the deal ultimately fell through.

This time around, the Port Authority isn't looking for something quite as complicated unless it involves a significant amount of affordable housing. What they are requiring however is the creation of a landscaped public passageway between the two lots.