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MTA Now Experimenting With Wi-Fi In Subway Cars

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Imagine a world where no underground moment is without Wi-Fi access

The world is changing. There are touch-screen refrigerators, Wi-Fi-enabled wine bottles, and those ridiculous hoverboard things. So why, oh why, is an underground trip on the subway still a ticket to Bordemville? It looks like the MTA has been asking itself the same question, because NY1 reports (h/t Gothamist) that the agency has been sneakily trying out Wi-Fi-enabled subway cars. As of now, the test run is happening with four cars along the E line.

Early trial results are in, and they're just about as mediocre as you'd expect. "I don't even know if it's on, though. How do you get it?" one commuter in a test car said to NY1. "It's not working. Only on the platforms," another commuter followed up. Welp, so it seems like there's a ways to go, and being that it's the MTA it'll likely be another 10 to 15 years before anything becomes of this—the MTA says they're aiming to wire tunnels and cars for internet and cell service by the end of next year—but still, hooray subway Wi-Fi!