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This Is Where Most Of NYC's Transplants Move From In The U.S.

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Unsurprisingly it's right next door

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The majority of people moving to New York City from within the country are unsurprisingly from New Jersey — Hudson County, NJ to be precise, a new analysis by the moving service SpareFoot, has revealed. SpareFoot looked at a U.S. Census study conducted between 2009-2013, and found that 170,794 people had moved to the city during that time period (excluding borough to borough movement). About 76 percent of those people were from outside the state.

Hudson County accounted for 5,115 people or about 3 percent of total out-of-state movers. That was followed by Los Angeles County, in second place with 4,801 transplants. Within New York state, the record was held by Nassau County, which sent over 11,273 of its residents to New York City.

As of 2015, the city's total population stands at 8.5 million.