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Hell’s Kitchen Condos Are Inspired By Building’s Past Life As a School

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Gotham Organization's Inkwell is housed in a turn-of-the-20th-century elementary school

In New York City, where space is at a premium, new developments often replace existing structures while also taking the building’s previous use into account. The latest to do so is the new condo coming to 520 West 45th Street, occupying the building that once housed P.S. 51 (the school moved to a new space one block away).

Called the Inkwell (because it used to be a school, you see), the development got a big unveiling in the Times over the weekend. Developed by the Gotham Organization, the new development is just down the block from the firm’s massive Gotham West rental building. But this building is far smaller—only five stories, with just 18 condos—and some of its original details, including its Beaux Arts facade, have remained intact.

But there are also some ersatz, school-inspired details in the apartments: chalkboards, cubby holes (for shoes), and library ladders. "It’s not a restoration, but it has the feeling and power of the original use," said Matthew Goodrich of AvroKO, which worked on the interiors of the building.

As far as pricing goes, units are expected to start around $1.78 million for a two-bedroom apartment, and $2.75 million for two three-bedroom units (both of which have private gardens), with sales due to launch sometime in the next few months.