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Upper West Side Tower Replacing a Synagogue Will Rise … 666 Feet

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Well, that’s ironic

The site of the old Lincoln Square Synagogue has been on its way to becoming a residential development for some time, and now, a rendering for the planned building has surfaced.

According to YIMBY, the skyscraper that will replace the synagogue will rise a slightly ominous 666 feet—yes, really—and have more than 100 apartments over 51 stories. At that height, it’ll be the tallest building to rise on the Upper West Side. Elkus Manfredi is on the exterior, while CetraRuddy will design the interiors.

The rendering shows a building that, as YIMBY points out, has some vintage touches—namely, the stepped-back exterior, and a crown at the top of the skyscraper. (But as we all know, this could change as plans for the tower progress.)

Demolition plans for the synagogue were just approved this month, so expect that to move along rather quickly. Developer SJP Properties bought the site in 2015, and received a $160 million loan earlier this year to help fund the new skyscraper.