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The Schumacher Hopes to Coax Penthouse Buyers With New Photos

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The $20 million penthouse is perched atop a converted 19th-century printing factory

It’s been a while since Penthouse A at the Schumacher, Morris Adjmi’s conversion of an old printing factory on Bleecker Street, hit the market—421 days, if StreetEasy’s official count is to be believe. In that time, the unit has gotten a pricechop, going from $25 million to its current price of $20 million. It’s also been talked up on Million Dollar Listing New York, thanks to celeb broker Fredrik Eklund, who’s on the listing. And yet it sits, the lone apartment left for sale in the building, awaiting the right buyer.

Now, the latest tactic to entice buyers: newly staged photos of the penthouse’s terraces (yes, there’s more than one) that show off the vistas from the nearly 5,000-square-foot apartment. And to be fair, it’s quite a lovely space, with views of both Manhattan and the building’s distinctive, restored facade. But only time will tell if that’s enough to entice a potential buyer.

Take a peek below (the new photos are the first eight; the rest are older listings photos):

The Schumacher

36 Bleecker Street, New York, NY