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City Looks to Convert Abandoned Queens Playground Into Public Park

$3 million have been set aside for the purchase and conversion of Phipps Playground

An abandoned playground in Queens will likely be turned into a public park soon, DNAinfo reports. City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer has secured the funds to purchase the abandoned Phipps Playground in Sunnyside and convert it into a park. The funds were acquired as part of the city’s recent $82.1 billion budget agreement.

The city has set aside $3 million for the purchase of the land, which is located at corner of 50th Street and 39th Avenue, and across from the Phipps Garden Apartments, for which the playground was originally created. Phipps House sold the land to the current owner, DBH Associates LLC in 2007 for $1.45 million, and it has sat vacant since.

The owner of the property had once tried to bring the Aluminaire House to the site of the playground, but the Landmarks Preservation Commission rejected the plan saying it was out of character with the Sunnyside Gardens Historic District.

The owner is ready to sell the playground plot to the city for an "equitable deal" according to DNAinfo. Residents had previously campaigned to convert this land to a park named Cautley Garden, after landscape architect Marjorie Sewell Cautley, who helped design much of the neigborhood in the 1920s.