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Developer DDG Scrambles to Bring Controversial UES Tower To Code

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Following a stop-work order, DDG may now be required to file amended plans with AG

UPDATE: A spokesperson for DDG notes that the firm has not yet been asked to amend its plans by the Attorney General's office, and that buyers have not been given the option to withdraw their contracts. Per the spokesperson, "DDG is currently working with the DOB to address the inquiries made regarding 180 East 88th Street and hopes to have the matter resolved in the near future."

Following the a stop-work order, issued by the city’s Department of Buildings, New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is now asking developer DDG Partners to file an amended plan for their controversial Upper East Side condo tower, 180 East 88th Street, reports Crain’s.

The backstory is that DDG partners were approved to build a 521-foot tower. An audit conducted by the DOB revealed that a four-foot lot was built by the developer that would allow them to evade zoning laws and construct an even taller building.

DDG is now working with the DOB to insure that all zoning requirements are properly met. A few of the building’s unit are already on the market and buyers who have already signed contracts are being given the option to withdraw.