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Of Course the Second Avenue Subway Might Not Be Finished On Time

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Construction work and inspections may not be going according to schedule

For some time now, the MTA has been sticking to its story that the first phase of the Second Avenue Subway will really, truly, no for real this time you guys, open in December 2016. Even though work on that stretch of the much-delayed line has been progressing, the New York Post reports that questions have arisen about the pace at which it’s moving forward.

According to the paper, Michael Horodniceanu, the head of MTA Capital Construction, brought up concerns during a board meeting that workers simply aren’t showing up to do their work. From the piece:

"It was obvious that they had no one on the job," [Horodniceanu] said. "On the other job, they had about 50 or 60 people working for a couple of shifts. It becomes my job to talk to the contractors about why they didn’t have the appropriate personnel."

That’s probably not good. There’s also some concern that there are massive delays in performing necessary inspections—according to the MTA’s independent engineer, only 67 percent have been completed, with more than 1,000 left to go before October. This is also separate from earlier reports that work on the line's new elevators was running behind.

Which isn’t to say that the first phase of the anticipated line definitely won’t open on time. But, as with all things MTA-related, we wouldn’t recommend holding your breath.