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$30M Tribeca Penthouse Tries New Tactics To Nab a Buyer

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The listing has been on the market for more than two years

Now that the penthouse at Dumbo’s 1 Main Street has finally sold, let’s look at another pricey pad that’s been sitting on the market for several years—namely, the five-bedroom apartment atop 11 North Moore Street in Tribeca. The penthouse first hit the market in 2014 with a whopping $40 million ask, and while the price has come down (it’s now going for $29.995 million), it’s still looking for a buyer.

In an effort to get those who can afford a $30 million apartment interested in the seemingly unsellable apartment, it recently got new staging, along with a batch of new listings photos that show off the space. (h/t Fredrik Eklund, who passed along the new photos) Alas, there’s only one that shows that private rooftop pool—which, two years after it first hit the market, now has a view of the Jenga-like 56 Leonard Street.

The apartment is also on the market as a $75,000/month rental, and that listing has the old photos, if you want to compare and contrast. The new look is far sleeker and probably more appealing to buyers who want to "make the space their own," in brokerspeak, but it’s also a bit cookie-cutter. Now to see if the tactic actually works.