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Bill That Would Allow For More Tall Towers In NYC Is a No-Go, For Now

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But will likely resurface in the next legislative session

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A piece of legislation that could have dramatically increased the heights of buildings across large parts of New York City failed to go through the state legislature, the Brooklyn Eagle reports. The bill concerned floor-area ratio (F.A.R.), and doing away with the current restrictions it imposes on the height of buildings. Under the current law, residential buildings can have an F.A.R. of up to 12, but the new bill would potentially have doubled the height of new developments (or even more).

Earlier in the month, the bill was gaining support in the state legislature with Mayor Bill de Blasio framing the bill as a major boost to his affordable housing agenda. As more people learned of the bill however, opposition mounted. Projects that surpass the F.A.R. limit would have to go through City Planning and the City Council before they are approved, but opponents were concerned it would set a bad precedent.

Though the bill failed to clear the hurdle this time around, it is likely that it will resurface during the next legislative session.