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Funky Bond Street Abode That Isn’t Afraid of Patterns Asks $6.2M

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The duplex penthouse is full of eclectic wallpaper and art

When last this penthouse at 1 Bond Street sold in 2012, it looked like any old apartment. But the duplex is back on the market sporting a brand new, much edgier look—and a much higher price tag too. The two-bedroom, three-bathroom penthouse is on the market for $6.2 million, a big jump from its $3.6 million closing price four years ago.

But the apartment appears to have undergone one heck of a renovation. Its current owner has traded its sleepy suburban hues for a plethora of funky wallpaper and art, and has completely reconfigured its kitchen with lacquer black cabinetry and new appliances. Wall-to-wall patterns aren’t for everyone (check out that guest room!), but they’re at least interesting to look at.

1 Bond Street

1 Bond Street, New York, NY 10002