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Boxy Yet Colorful Apartment Building Coming to East Williamsburg

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It will include 75 apartments spread out over seven floors

In a few months from now, construction will get underway on a 75-unit apartment building on Montrose Avenue in East Williamsburg, and YIMBY now has the first look at that project. Designed by Samuel Wieder Associates, this boxy structure will stand seven-stories tall and includes shades of red, gray, and white on its facade.

The project will span close to 50,000 square feet of residential space and hence the average apartment size will be about 660 square feet. The project is larger than what the current zoning allows, YIMBY notes, which means it will likely include some affordable units as well.

The project is being developed by Moses Silberstein. There are currently two warehouses at the site of the project, located at 172 Montrose Avenue, that will have to be demolished in order for construction to move forward.