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Big Reveal: $1.5M For an Upper West Side Duplex With Rooftop Shower

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The one-bedroom apartment has plenty of quirks

So how much does an Upper West Side duplex with custom finishes, a private terrace (with shower!), and skylights go for? Commenter jlpjlp was the only one to nail down the magic number: $1.495 million. The one-bedroom apartment is located on West 88th Street Feelings on the apartment were mixed, though generally positive, with NYCSince1983 saying "this is an amazing and truly unique apartment" (though not without hedging that there’s "way too much wood for me personally"). wannabeballer, however, noted that "the interior reminds me of living on a ship," and we’re not sure if that was meant to be positive or negative.

Here’s the floorplan one more time: