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The Revamped Temple Court Is as Stunning As You'd Expect

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Get a sneak peek inside before the hotel opens in August

Though the Beekman Hotel, which will occupy the landmark Temple Court building in the Financial District, isn’t set to open for a couple of months, its owners are in soft-launch mode. Developer GFI Capital Resources held a very fancy shindig last night to preview the space (the sort where the guest list is primarily composed of fashion folks, socialites, and the occasional real-estate bigwig), which includes a new restaurant by Top Chef star Tom Colicchio and and a restoration of the building’s lovely 19th-century atrium.

to 1883

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As part of the restoration process, architecture firm Gerner Kronick + Valcarel is working to re-create the moldings that may have lined the atrium when it first opened in 1883; the glass skylight that tops the atrium has also been replaced. Check out some more photos from inside:

And here’s a video of the party, which is very fancy New York people party, but you do get some nice glimpses of the atrium.

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5 Beekman Street

5 Beekman St., New York, NY 10038