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Village Studio, Barely Recognizable After Gut Reno, Asks 150% More

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A studio that last sold for $500,000 is back asking $1.25 million

A ground-floor Greenwich Village studio at 35 East 10th Street has returned to the market and is barely recognizable—in appearance and in price. The apartment looked like any old studio when it last sold for $500,000 in 2013, but now it’s back on the market seeking $1.25 million, a 150-percent price increase.

To the seller’s credit, the apartment’s been completely overhauled with a new lofted bed platform (it looks like the ceilings have been raised), new kitchen with a wine fridge and high-end appliances, updated bathroom, and a new accordion window wall that opens onto the terrace. The apartment’s really gone from 0 to 100 over the last three years. So, is the new price tag justified? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

[Update: a rep for Elliman has reached out to confirm that the ceilings were raised from eight-feet, six-inches to 13 feet. He also says that the loft has added 200 square feet of extra square footage. He writes "conservatively that's $300K in comparable price per square foot dollars of extra home that previously did not exist."]

The apartment before its renovation ↓

The apartment after its renovation ↓