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Sandy-Related Repairs Finally Begin at NYCHA Housing In the Rockaways

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It’s the first of 33 reconstruction projects at NYCHA sites across the city

There’s still a long way to go in terms of repair work and resiliency efforts to strengthen buildings that were damaged by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, but one of those projects is now moving forward. A groundbreaking ceremony was held Friday at the Ocean Bay-Oceanside NYCHA development, in the Rockaways, for a $67 million reconstruction project.

Repair work at the housing development, which is home to 400 families, includes a full roof replacement, stand-by generators for back-up power, flood-protected equipment annexes, upgraded playgrounds and recreational areas, among several others.

"Many of us still remember the weeks of cold and darkness after Sandy – including thousands of NYCHA residents," Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a press release. "People across all five boroughs are still feeling the impact today. However, with this $67 million investment, we will continue to fortify NYCHA buildings and create a more resilient City and so that residents never have to go through this again."

The funds were made available as part of a $3 billion agreement reached between NYCHA and FEMA last year for Sandy recovery efforts. The work at Rockaways marks the first of 33 public housing recovery and resiliency projects that will be undertaken throughout the city with these funds. NYCHA has already put out contracts for several other sites and released an interactive map to track all the progress.