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Catch a Vintage Subway Train in Brighton Beach This Weekend

Part of the NY Transit Museum’s 40th anniversary celebrations

NYC’s vintage trains are back — and this time it’s in celebration of the New York Transit Museum’s 40th anniversary. On June 25 and 26th, the Museum will run seven vintage trains to and from the Brighton Beach station along the express track. Between 12-4 p.m. on those days, trains will make a short round trip from Brighton Beach to Ocean Parkway, and a longer roundtrip to Kings Highway — but passengers will only be able to get on and off from Brighton Beach.

The museum takes out its vintage trains every few months, and it did so most recently this past April when it rolled out trains for the Yankees and Mets games. One of the trains featured this weekend will be the BRT Brooklyn Union Elevated Cars, which is oldest in the museum’s fleet of vintage trains. They were operational between 1904 and 1969.

To check out all the other trains that will be out this weekend, head on over to the Transit Museum’s website. All the vintage trains will be accessible through a regular Metrocard swipe at the Brighton Beach station.