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Instagram Roundup: NYC Pride 2016

The massive LGBT celebration event takes place today

Today is the annual NYC Pride March where millions of people take over the city to celebrate and honor the LGBT community. This year’s event will embody an even stronger impact than usual as the lives of those lost in the horrific Orlando shooting are honored and the call for peace and equality is beckoned. With June being Pride Month, the festivities are already in full swing and New York City landmarks are in on the celebration as displayed in the Instagram post below.

Set up for the Rally, Teaze and Pier Dance is under way on Pier 26! Are you ready?!

A photo posted by NYC Pride (@nycpride) on

Flatiron #pride #nycpride #loveislove

A photo posted by Felice Stevens (@felicestevens) on

friendly reminder ❤️ #lovewinsloveletters

A photo posted by Tyler Williams (@tylerhwilliams) on

Happy pride NYC all the love from us! ❤️ #nycpride #pride #margarita

A photo posted by El Original TxMx (@eloriginaltxmx) on

Happy pride NYC! #happypride #nyc #nycpride #nycpride2016

A photo posted by Chris Murphy (@christhejeweler) on

Love Is Love: Christopher Park, Sheridan Square, June 14, 2016

A photo posted by Larry Closs (@larrycloss) on

Great shot Photo by @pjflo_ #newyorklike

A photo posted by New York City (@newyorklike) on

#google #pride #nycpride #weareorlando

A photo posted by Thomas Wood (@thomaswoodactual) on