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Cuomo Moves to Erect Memorial For Orlando Victims In New York City

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The governor has appointed a 10-person panel to find a site and build the memorial

Governor Andrew Cuomo has set plans in motion to create a monument in New York City to honor the victims of the attack on the Orlando nightclub, Pulse, the New York Post reports. Cuomo made the announcement right before the Pride march on Sunday and said he had signed an executive order to create a 10-member panel to find a place and build the memorial.

The areas under consideration include Christopher Park, across from Stonewall Inn, Battery Park City, or Hudson River Park. The final choice will be determined by the Cuomo-appointed panel. That panel includes former City Council speaker Christine Quinn, and Kelsey Louie, the executive director of the Gay Men’s Health Crisis, among others.

Cuomo’s executive order also made the Stonewall Inn a state historic site. It followed President Obama’s announcement last week that Stonewall is now officially a national monument.