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Gramercy Park’s Medieval Lair Returns With a Larger Floorplan Asking Less

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The co-op on Gramercy Park North is now up for grabs as a combo pad asking $6.35M

Gramercy Park’s very own medieval-esque lair has been struggling to sell for the past several years, despite its resplendent architecture, 88-foot frontage along Gramercy Park North, and distinction as an "architectural masterpiece," per New York Magazine.

Now, the co-op is back on the market, and being offered two ways: in its original form as a two-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom apartment asking $5.5 million, or as a combo pad with three bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms asking $6.25 million. Either way, the co-op is now asking less than it did when it last appeared on the market in May 2015 asking $6.35 million.

The apartment, owned for nearly the past half-a-century by a maker and restorer of picture frames whose handiwork appears in The Met (go figure), first hit the market in 2014 asking $7 million. The apartment at 44 Gramercy Park North is in the Tudor Revival style and includes handmade stained glass windows; a selection of carved statues, moldings, and vignettes; and a large terrace.

For the privilege of living along Gramercy Park, buyers will pay: maintenance for the uncombined apartment runs $5,146 per month with the combined apartment’s maintenance coming in at $6,233 per month.