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Donald Trump Fined Again For Removing Infamous Trump Tower Bench

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The billionaire businessman traded the bench for stands peddling his eponymous merchandise

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump wants to "Make America Great Again," but perhaps he should scale down and start with the lobby of Trump Tower. Trump has been hit with a $10,000 fine by the Department of City Planning for failing to return a 22-foot long black marble bench to the lobby, a privately-owned public space, where any change to its fixtures must be approved by the city, Crain's reports. This follows a $4,000 fine already leveed against Trump Tower for removing the bench in the first place and failing to appear at an administrative hearing regarding the issue.

The bench was removed from the lobby without permission from the DOB sometime during the last decade after the billionaire businessman deemed the bench—and its recurring occupants—a nuisance. In its place went kiosks selling the billionaire’s self-promoting merchandise that included his cologne line and copies of The Apprentice, not to mention the numerous shirts, hats, and mugs advertising his presidential campaign.

The privately-owned public space was part of stipulations that allowed the tower to rise an additional 20 stories when it was built. The powers that be at Trump Tower have 45 days to appeal the $10,000 fine.

Trump Tower

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