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Neighbors of New Nomad Tower Cry Foul Over Its Height-Boosting Building Antics

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The 760-foot tower would ruin the views for the 55-story condo across from it, residents of the latter say

The residents of a high rise condo in Nomad are feuding with the developers of a planned tower next door over their pricey views, Crain’s reports. Developers JD Carlisle and the Fosun Group are planning a 760-foot tower at 126 Madison Avenue, but the building’s apartments won’t start until 155-feet above ground. This has angered residents at the Sky House condo at 11 East 29th Street. They argue that the developers are using a building trick to essentially place their tower on stilts and thereby block Sky House’s views.

In this battle of the rich vs. rich, residents at Sky House have hired planner George Janes and law firm, Marcus Rosenberg & Diamond to represent their interests. Oddly enough, Janes was also the man who noted that the developer DDG was flouting zoning regulations for its tower on the Upper East Side.

The tower developed by Carlisle and Fosun features a 23-foot base, followed by three-stories of ventilation and other equipment for the building. These floors will have an average ceiling height of 44-feet, according to Crain’s, which opponents to the project say is excessive. Janes has written to the city’s Department of Buildings to highlight this use of space. Using large mechanical floors to boost the views of apartments above is a practice that has also been adopted at Robert A.M Stern’s 220 Central Park South, and 520 Park Avenue.