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Rent on Annie Leibovitz’s Former West Village Compound For $13,500

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One of the three townhouses on the West 11th Street compound is for rent

One of the three townhouses in the West Village compound assembled, and then subsequently sold, by photographer Annie Leibovitz is up for grabs as a $13,500/month rental. Leibovitz sold the compound for $28.5 million in 2014 to George W. Bush’s niece Lauren Bush Lauren and her beau David Lauren, son of Ralph, meaning whoever settles at 311 West 11th Street will have the most upper of upper-crust landlords.

The couple first attempted to rent the 20-foot wide townhouse for $15,000 just months after closing on the compound, but with no takers the Observer notes the townhouse is back and looking for a renter once again. In Leibovitz's day, the for-rent townhouse served as guest quarters. Of the other two, one was Leibovitz's home and the other, her office.

The dreamy ivy-coated townhouse is configured as a triangular two-bedroom, one-bathroom abode with an updated kitchen and several working fireplaces. Any takers?

311 West 11th Street

311 West 11th Street, New York, NY