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Sunset Park Deemed One of America’s ‘Coolest’ Neighborhoods

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A new report by Cushman & Wakefield looks at the 100 coolest neighborhoods in the States

What constitutes a cool neighborhood? Cushman & Wakefield is examining that complex, often confounding, and ever changing notion in a new report that looks at 100 "Cool Streets," as they’re calling them, across the country. And in some good news for New York (or maybe not so good news depending on how you see it) Sunset Park is among the 15 coolest neighborhoods in America — yet another pointer to the neighborhood’s rapidly changing landscape after the New York Times named "Sunset Park West," one of the most up and coming neighborhoods in the city back in February.

So how does Cushman & Wakefield define cool?

The turning point for Sunset Park, according to Cushman & Wakefield was the opening of Bush Terminal Park and redevelopment of Industry City. Millennials make up about 27 percent of the population in this neighborhood, and the average household income here is $81,529. C&W says there’s a lot of potential for retail and commercial spaces in the neighborhood, and already tenants like the Brooklyn Nets and Time, Inc. have paved the way. There’s even an escalating demand among prospective residents for row houses in the neighborhood.

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Other New York City neighborhoods that made it to the list of the 100 "Coolest" neighborhoods were Bushwick, Williamsburg, Dumbo, and Crown Heights in Brooklyn, and Grand Street (between Broadway and West Broadway), Bleecker Street/Greenwich Village, Bond Street/Noho, and Bowery/Lower East Side, in Manhattan.

To check out how other cities fared across the country and for a detailed breakdown of the analysis and the methodology check out Cushman & Wakefield’s full report. What do you think about Sunset Park’s choice among the top 15?

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