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JDS's 77-Story Lower East Side Tower May Reach Supertall Status

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Renderings submitted to City Planning reveal a legal height of 983 feet

UPDATE: A representative from JDS has refuted Bowery Boogie's story and maintains that JDS has always been upfront about the height of this planned tower approximating it previously at 950-feet. The new legal height for the building will be 983-feet, and any additional parapet on top would not be part of the legal height.

The planned 77-story tower set to rise next to Extell’s already large One Manhattan Square project, may actually have supertall ambitions, Bowery Boogie reports. Plans submitted to the City Planning Commission reveal that the roof of the SHoP Architects-designed building reaches 983 feet, and Bowery Boogie says that factoring in the parapet will likely increase the height further.

When plans were first announced for the JDS-developed building back in April, the 77-story number led most locals to believe that the project would be slightly smaller than the neighborhood Extell tower. Neighbors weren’t thrilled by the prospect even back then, but this latest reveal will likely anger them even more.

Plans currently call for 600 apartments, of which 150 will be permanently affordable. The common space for the seniors bulding at 247 Cherry Street will be demolished to make way for the tower, and a portion of it will cantilever above the existing senior housing building at the site. However the seniors will get a temporary space on the other side of the center during construction, and this common space will then be relocated to the base of the new tower.

247 Cherry Street

247 Cherry Street, New York, NY 10002