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$17M Flatiron Penthouse Marks Neighborhood's Third Priciest Sale Ever

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The penthouse comes with a 1,000-square-foot master suite and an even larger terrace

It isn’t much of a distinction, but it’s something: the sale of one of the penthouses at Gale International’s 21W20 hit public record this week, marking the third most expensive residential sale in Flatiron District history at $17 million. (It’s a bit ironic that the third most expensive sale falls to the development’s Penthouse Three.) The Beyer Blinder Belle-designed apartment is luxurious, to be sure: it has 4,210 interior square feet and an impressive 1,740-square-foot terrace that overlooks Manhattan.

The penthouse’s terrace is next-level and comes with a fully equipped kitchen, custom fireplace, six person hot tub, and an outdoor shower. The beast of a balcony is described as the "ultimate entertaining rooftop terrace" and judging by these niceties, that’s tough to disagree with.

The penthouse’s two-bedroom, four full-, and two half-bath interior is separated from the outside by floor-to-ceiling folding glass doors. The master suite itself is a roomy 1,000 square feet—larger than some peoples’ apartments—and includes a walk-in closet and its own kitchenette (you know, for midnight snacking.)

In the primary living area there is a rooftop solarium with yet another kitchenette and plenty of beautiful finishes consistent with the rest of the space.

On top of all those in-apartment amenities, the penthouse buyer will also have access to 21W20’s shared amenities, including a lounge (shocker: it also has a kitchenette), an outdoor garden, refrigerated storage for any groceries, private storage available for an extra fee, a bicycle storage, a washer and dryer, and a pet wash room.